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Broslavskiy Nikita


Broslavskiy Nikita


Tattoos amaze me.


Incredible 3D Tattoos

Tattoos are commonplace these days. There will always be people who want to stand out in a crowd. If you’re into body modification, a 3D tattoo might be just what you’re looking for. From intricate art to gothic and gruesome, the styles range the gamut. Who knows? Maybe in forty years you’ll end up being the coolest senior at your home with a fascinating yet painful story to show and tell from the old days.

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The babies


My heart just melts when it comes to these little guys. <3 c,:


Many of you ask for them so now its time! I have one rather large Bonding Pouch for a giveaway!

I did not make this, although it is well made! I was given to me by someone who was making me a cage set. But I don’t really need it…and well…butterflies aren’t really my thing.

Can hold, I would say, 3-4 gliders at once….its pretty roomy! Never used, clean, and safe!

So here is what you do!

  • Follow Me…duh!
  • Reblog. Each reblog is one entry.
  • And post your best (and safe) bonding tip under the tag glidergirlsgiveaway. Every tip is two entries (three if its really good)
  • ^^^ the tag is glidergirlsgiveaway….that is the tag I will be checking!
  • I will pay for US shipping, but outside the US I will ask to split the cost!
  • Deadline is: January 31st!

Feel free to message me with questions! Good Luck!